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The standard bike can be rented for 500 yen per day and the electric bike for 2,000.

Most of Naoshima’s points of interest are located on the southern half of the island, the north being mostly occupied by the Mitsubishi industrial estate.

There are one or two buses every hour that go from Miyanoura to Honmura. Each bus ride costs 100 yen and takes about 10 minutes. A few meters from the bus terminal you can visit the Casa de Arte and the Ando Museum .

The journey to the Tsutsujiso bus stop in the south takes about 15 minutes. This stop is located at the east gate of the Benesse House complex.

From there you can take a free shuttle to the Chichu

Art Museum, Lee Ufan Museum or Benesse Phone Number List House.  To ten minutes from the bus stop.

Naoshima Map What to see in Naoshima
Naoshima’s art galleries , museums, and architecture are not to be missed .

The Chichu Museum of Art, for example, is unusual in that it is almost entirely underground, but uses natural light to illuminate its artwork. However, The Lee Ufan Museum exhibits the work of the museum’s namesake artist, a Korean virtuoso who lives and teaches in Japan.

The Benesse House includes an art museum, outdoor art exhibits, restaurants, shops, and accommodations. Its 4 buildings are known as the Museum, the Oval, the Park and the Beach. Here you can enjoy famous works, such as Yayoi Kusama’s Yellow Pumpkin .

Each of the aforementioned buildings was designed by famed architect

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Ando Tadao , Whose Artistic Career is Documented. At the Gulf Email List Ando Museum in Honmura . In Addition, Many of the Island’s Municipal Buildings, Including the Schools, Were Designed by the Architect Ishii Kazuhiro.

The Honmura Art House Project Has Transformed Abandoned Houses, Workshops. Temples and Shrines Into Works of Structural. However, Art and Buildings for Japanese Artists.

Naoshima, Along With the Neighboring Islands, is Also Home to the Setouchi. International Art Festival, Which is Held Once Every Three Years.

In Fact, the Neighboring Island of Teshima is Also Notable. However, For Its Art Spaces, Mainly the Teshima Art Museum .

This museum consists of a unique installation, a 10-inch concrete shell with two elliptical openings.

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