Community Manager: What it is, what it does and what its main functions are

Community Manager: What it is, what it does and what its main functions are. The figure of the community manager is one of the most popular in the world of digital marketing. It was one of the first professions that became fashionable and today it is difficult to find a person who does not know what a community manager is or what functions they have in the online sector. But if you are here, it means that you still have doubts. And we are facing a very undervalued digital profession , because many think that its tasks could be performed by anyone. That the community manager is only dedicated to uploading photos on Instagram and little else.

What is and what does a good Community Manager do

What is and what does a good Community Manager do. If we go to the literal meaning of community manager. We could say that it is “responsible for the community on social networks.” And what does this mean. Well, it is in charge of working on the social email database networks of a business to grow in visibility. Therefore, gain followers loyal to the brand and convert them, through a content strategy, into customers. Because the most important thing is actually to interact with followers. Therefore, create a relationship of trust and, finally, get brand ambassadors. Thanks to social networks, you can not only achieve sales, but also build customer loyalty and continue reaching more people.

Planning the content editorial calendar

Therefore, Planning the content editorial calendar. When the social media strategy has been created and the objective of the presence on social networks is known. Therefore, the target audience you are addressing and the products or services you want to sell. The community manager’s task is to plan the editorial calendar. It will organize the publications that will be made based on the previous study in the strategy. Therefore, and must maintain a stable frequency and, the higher, the better. Here you must take into account the designated dates, holidays or days when Gulf Email List there may be more interaction on the social network around a topic. You should make the most of any situation so that your publications have reach.

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