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How a Website Content Inventory Can Simplify Content Marketing

A content inventory is a comprehensive list of every piece of content on your website, past and current. The goal is to track that content.

A content audit allows you to tweak the website piece by piece. First, you check the content to ensure it is viable. Then you make changes that update it, like adding new keywords or updating the graphics.

Why Keep A Website Content Inventory

Keeping a website content inventory allows you to manage what is on your website. It helps you track your content assets, so you know where they  Ws Data are located and whether they are still active.

It shows you what topics you’ve covered, which data collection tools you used, what worked, and what didn’t.

You put a lot of time into creating content for a website, and it will grow. Keeping it organized allows you to stay true to your content marketing strategy and continue to build.

A website content inventory also helps you:

Avoid duplicating topics
Fill gaps in your topics
Better understand your audience and their behaviors
Improve your SEO
Redo campaigns that worked well in the past
Avoid redoing campaigns that didn’t work
Better navigate your website
Each piece of content has value. Without an inventory, you lose track of the content, and its value drops.

Website inventory is critical for effective website migration, too.

Whether you are rebranding, changing your domain, or just looking to upgrade for better SEO and site utilization, having a breakdown of the content on your web pages makes the job easier.

You don’t have to hunt down your content assets because the inventory tells you exactly where they are and the various components that go with each URL. You can find your content more accessible and make the changes necessary.

Use your content inventory when creating your editorial calendar

You can use your website content inventory to keep track of the topics on your blog, so you don’t duplicate them too soon. You can also use it to refresh older topics and make them new.

The inventory will show you what keywords you’ve used that have been successful. You can build new topics around those keywords, improve your search rankings and social media activity, and drive more traffic to your website.

Use the inventory to show you what topics and Gulf Email List keywords failed to perform in the past. You can see if they can be saved or know to avoid them when developing topics for your calendar.

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