When upset s but I’m better about that now. I would keep going to the bathroom to wash my hands over and over until they start bleing. Unless I’m in a really good mood I won’t drink after you. Also, I feel freak out when people touch my food. If you do, I’m usually okay. I’m better at forcing myself to eat “contaminat” food now. But I won’t even eat my food if you breathe close to it on a bad day. Those are just a few symptoms of my illnesses that have become parts of my personality I’ve accept that.

lean on each other

I’m more friendly, open, and understanding Latest Mailing Database of others I’ve start a blog where I write about my life with mental illness. So many people have sent messages to express their relief that someone feels the same way they do, or said that they’re glad to have someone speaking out against stigma, especially surrounding illnesses like schizophrenia. Because of their responses, I have start to view the world in a new light. For so long, I believ people were stalking me, trying to kill me and my family.

Latest Mailing Database

We know what it’s like

I thought dead people were hiding in the Gulf Email List walls of my house. Even typing that is hard for me. The painful, intrusive thoughts and delusions were exhausting, and I truly believ the world was a scary place full of people who only want to hurt me. Now that I’m on the right mication and speaking out about my illnesses, I’ve become a lot more friendly and willing to talk about things that I once hid deep down inside of me. The world doesn’t want to hurt me. I know that now. And it’s a relief, to be completely honest. It’s that simple. Those of us in the mental illness community can relate to one another.