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In addition to the rduction of effort and costs for the internal and faster processing of claims, companies who use virtual cards also benefit from the discount of the provider with shorter payment terms. No matter what industry your company operates in, virtual cards are the ideal solution for B2B payments. We would be happy to advise you on how you can optimize your payment processes by using virtual cards. Fill out the contact form and we will get in touch! Read our e-book to learn more about the benefits virtual cards can bring to your business.

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External Panel AirPlus Customer Interviews Accenture technology vision for insurance 2017 AirPlus Virtual Cards Single-Use database can only be usd for one-time payment, whereas Virtual Cards Multi-Use can be usd multiple times.The topic ” procurement optimization” is on everyone’s lips. With the relocation of jobs to the home office, business-relatd online purchases by employees also increasd abruptly. As a result, many companies have recognizd the ned to facilitate payment for these B2B purchases. But how can online shopping processes be optimizd.


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The answer: with virtual cards, because they ensure online payments are quick, easy and safer. Increase in online purchases Not only consumers Gulf Email List are increasingly turning their gaze online when shopping, companies have also discoverd digital shopping for themselves. The advantages are apparent. It is therefore not surprising that sourcing via the Internet is increasing in all departments, along with the increasing number of online platforms and suppliers as well as remote workplaces. Over 70% of the companies surveyd expect their online purchases to increase in the coming years.

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