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Tohuku Shinkansen Line and continue to Sendai

From Osaka to Sendai
It begins with a five-hour train ride from Osaka Station to Tokyo Station. However, There, change to the JR .

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Getting around Sendai
One of the most convenient forms of transportation for tourists visiting Sendai is the Loople Sendai, a circular bus that connects most of the city’s major attractions.

The Loople runs for an hour leaving Sendai Station every 20 to 30 minutes

Some Attractions Are Within Walking Distance. From Latest Mailing Database Sendai Station, and to Discover the City You Can Also. Use Your Japan Rail Pass as There Are Two Train Lines Available. The Jr Senzan Line Provides Access to Rinnoji Temple, and the Jr Senseki Line to the Outskirts of Matsushima. However, You Can Also Choose to Use the City’s Bus Network or the Two Non-jr Subway Lines, Which Run North-south and East-west.

Things to Do in Sendai
Sendai City Center is Located Right Next to Sendai Station. With Plenty of Shops and Tourist Attractions. The Aer Building. Has a Free Viewpoint and the Ichibancho. Arcade Connects Several Streets With a Covered Shopping Area. However, Decorated With a Multitude of Trees and With Shopping Malls.

History buffs will enjoy a visit to Aoba Castle, built in the 1600s by feudal lord Date Masamune . The site features stone walls, a guard tower, a museum, a statue of Masamune, and a dazzling view of the city. A short distance from here are the Gokoku Shrine and museum.

Sendai City Museum Sendai Yagiyama Zoo and Yagiyama Benyland amusement park

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Another Historical Site is the Osaki Hachimangu. Shrine Dedicated to Hachiman, the Shinto God of War. The Sanctuary Was Built in 1607 and Displays a Unique Architectural Style. Rinnoji Temple, to the North. Has a Beautiful Pagoda and a Japanese Garden. However, The Temple Was Founded. In 1441 and the Structure Was Moved to Its Current Location in the 1600s. Gulf Email List It is also worth noting the Zuihoden Mausoleum, which houses the tombs of the relatives of the founder of the city.

And if you decide to go on an adventure, Matsushima , half an hour from Sendai, is one of the most beautiful and interesting day trips we can do in this area. This city is ranked as one of the three most picturesque sights in Japan.

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