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Why Promote Agritourism Online

Why promote agritourism online. Local. Tourism. Holidays the territory is the most important asset for your farm. Tell it to an intereste audience also for summer 2017. Sardinia is the favorite destination for italian and foreign tourists. The germans. In particular. Choose our island and prefer farm holidays for their holidays. They search for sardinia on the web and. In their searches. Indicate a preference for this type of holiday. Promoting agritourism online becomes of fundamental importance. From research by cna sardinia. It appears that 10% of foreign tourists have visite our island for a food and wine holiday. According to the research center of terra nostra. The coldiretti association of the agritourism sector. An 8% increase in bookings for agritourism holidays is expecte for the summer of 2017. 

Why is it essential to have a website

Online agritourism: why presence on the internet is important. Because most customers use this meium which gives latest database them the opportunity to see the company. The context and the environment with ease. It is the most important tool in gathering information and making choices. In italy. Over 40 million people are connecte to the internet and sales on e-commerce sites are constantly growing. Why is it essential to have a website? A good site allows you to retain the visitor and encourages him to return. Since tourism is an intangible product. Digital communication must be able to completely describe all aspects. Even abstract ones. 

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The other channels for online agritourism

Such as silence and the friendliness of the owners. The elements that must necessarily be containe in the website  of a farmhouse are: photographs Gulf Email List of the structure . Both externally (building. Garden) and internally (beroom and bathrooms). These aspects are fundamental to give a visual reference; there must be authentic photos that do not only show certain details. The photographs of the owners. Even if sometimes considere superfluous by visitors. Are on an emotional level a reassuring element. Which generates a feeling of welcome and familiarity. The availability of rooms and the possibility of booking are seen as an important service that allows you to make a reservation in a simple and direct way. 

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