Users can scale, rotate, and skew individual layers

or selections to correct distortions caused by various shooting angles. Content-Aware Fill and Patch Tool In cases where image distortion or perspective correction leads to empty or irregular areas, the Content-Aware Fill and Patch tools come to the rescue. These tools use advanced algorithms to analyze the surrounding areas and intelligently fill in

the gaps or smooth out irregularities

, producing a seamless and natural-looking result. Puppet Warp The Puppet Warp tool is particularly useful when dealing with images that require perspective correction for elements within the scene. It allows users to create “pins” on specific areas and then distort or bend the image around these pins. This is especially handy when fine-tuning objects or figures in a photograph to align with the corrected perspective.

Vanishing Point Filter The Vanishing Point

filter is a sophisticated tool used for perspective correction in more complex images. It allows users to define a perspective plane by drawing a grid over the image, which can then be used to clone, transform, or paste elements with precise perspective alignment. This filter is particularly useful when compositing objects into a scene with specific perspective requirements.

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