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This tool provides advanced control over

Perspective correction, allowing users to straighten and correct distortions in images captured with ultra-wide-angle lenses or in panoramas. The Adaptive Wide Angle filter’s grid system helps align lines and elements in the image to create a more natural and realistic appearance. Perspective Crop Tool The Perspective Crop tool in Photoshop is ideal for correcting.

Perspective distortion in architectural

Or interior shots. When photographing buildings or interiors from an angle, vertical lines may appear converging Image Manipulation Service or diverging unnaturally. The Perspective Crop tool lets users draw a crop box around the subject, straighten the lines, and correct perspective distortions, resulting in a more and visually pleasing image.

Photoshop Services

Transform Tools Photoshop offers several

Transform tools to manually correct perspective issues and distortions. The Perspective Warp tool allows users to manipulate the perspective of an image by creating control points that can be Gulf Email List to straighten lines and correct perspective distortions. Similarly, the Free Transform tool can be used to manually transform and adjust elements within an image.

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