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Consequences caused by soil erosion

Due to erosion and the failure to take measures to prevent it, develop and spread the country’s economy, enormous damage is inflicted. Potentidecreases , chemical and agrophysical properties deteriorate, biological activity decreases. As a result, the yield decreases and the quality of agricultural products deteriorates. It also reduces the efficiency of chemization.

Erosion processes are present literally in every region. Due to the lack of soil protection measures, it is predicted that annual losses due to runoff could reach 7 billion tons of soil. Soil erosion leads to weathering of humus and disruption of the ecological balance, which in the future can l During dust storms, the loss of the humus layer reaches 10 centimeters. It should be emphasized that a centimeter of this layer is created in nature in more than 100 years.

It is important to know! Soil erosion refers to exogenous hazards (i.e. caused by external causes).

In some areas, the washout of fertile soils is 5-15 times higher than their formation. As is known from studies, 0.6 thousand hectares of soils are formed during the year. As for flushing, it reaches 7 thousand hectares. Moreover, sometimes the latter figure reaches 50 thousand hectares.

Measures to protect soil from erosion

Currently, various technologies and ways of solving the problem are used to protect soil from erosion. The main ones are sups and faprocess Phone Number List willllows in time and on the territory or only in time), which provide soil protection, the creation of meadows on largely washed-out slopes.

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Soil protection from wind erosion is facilitated by such a method as forest reclamation.

The proper effect is provided by irrigation and drainage facilities. Work in winter conditions also brings a positive result. This is the rolling of snow in strips, its blackening, the use of shields that provide snow retention.

Land protection from wind erosion is facilitaed Latest Mailing Database appted by planting plants according to certain schemes. When protecting against wind erosion, crop rotations with short rotations provide significant results. Such erosion is prevented by perennial grasses sown in strips. The effect is also ensured when clean fallows alternate with row crops.

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