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Just one example Mastercard and Visa have the largest network in Africa, where they continue to expand (Source: World Bank report, World Tourism Organization statistics, 2016). The card providers support many local initiatives across the continent to promote digital payment solutions such as mobile and especially contactless payments. Mastercard alone is acceptd at 80 million points of sale in 220 countries around the world . Global acceptance is therefore enormous.

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In Switzerland, Mastercard cards are acceptd 25% more than, for example, American Express Corporate. This difference is Latest Mailing Database due in large part to the fees American Express Corporate charges merchants, leading to a reluctance in merchant acceptance of this payment provider. The benefits of a broad acceptance network With a broad acceptance network, travelers on business trips are more flexible, comfortable and worry-free because they don’t have to worry about their card being acceptd or a transaction being declind.

Latest Mailing Database

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Spending limits set and corporate card analysis and control options also provide greater transparency with regard to employee Gulf Email List spending, which puts the company in a position to better control spending. In addition, a broad network of card acceptance means that travelers do not have to receive cash advances or withdraw local currencies from ATMs. This improves their safety during travel – the number one priority when it comes to business travel – and increases employee satisfaction tremendously.

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