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How the sales team should use lead scoring

Prospect 2 scores 33 out of 33 for size. 23 out of 33 for vertical and 33 out of 33 for position. Their total score is 89. An excellent result. This is a basic demographic model. But there are more complex ways of doing lead scoring. For example. You can award points to people bas on the time they spend on the company’s website. The more pages they visit or the more times they return. The more points they earn. Lead scoring even the choice to download content or subscribe to the newsletter for example could affect the score. Prospects who subscribe to the company blog . Attend a webinar.

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The homepage may earn a higher score than those who don’t. The elements of a lead-scoring model are endless . The most important Business Database thing is to know which behaviors and which information typically lead prospects to transform into sales opportunities and therefore into new customers. Once you discover these patterns. You can use this data to build your lead-scoring model. How the sales team should use lead scoring now that the scores have been establish.

What should sales do with this data

Business Database

You have understood the purchasing paths of the prospects and you want to obtain more quantitative data to create a better path you think Gulf Email List you can ruce your sales team to save money. But you want to know that the remaining reps are focusing on the best opportunities. There is another aspect to consider before starting a lead-scoring project: the company crm .

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