How to set up lead scoring for a b2b company

The industry and the role of the interlocutor. Typically. The larger the company. The larger the opportunity. Thus the higher the score. The more align the prospect’s industry is with the industries in which the company is successful. The higher How to set up the score. Just as the higher and more align the title. The higher the score. Here is an example: prospect 1 is a $10 million manufacturing company and the title of the person contacting him is chief financial officer.

They Are Targeting is the Ceo

Prospect 2 is a $100 million professional services company and the person  The lead scoring model of this company is as follows: 33 is the B2b Leads maximum number of points that can be earn for each of the three categories (size. Vertical and role). Prospect 1 scores 10 out of 33 for size. 33 out of 33 for vertical. Because the manufacturing industry is this company’s main vertical target; and 20 out of 33 for director level person. The lead’s total score is 63. Good but not great.

You can add additional elements

B2B Leads

Marketing is generating high-quality leads. And if not. You ne to optimize your marketing message. Refine your campaign targeting . Improve Gulf Email List your offers. And generally align all your strategies directly to lead models with higher scores. You can then score leads by campaign. Role. And even the prospect’s specific pain or challenge. And see how much progress you are making in each of these categories.

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