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 Now you just use your imagination and create your own workflow, funnel, funnel or call it . How to use Create a pop-up To create a pop-up in it, you must go to the main form section and follow these steps: Click the first tab named “ pop-up ”. Click“ to create pop-up ”. Select the recipient, or in other words, which group you want to put the subscriber into. Select a template from different existing options.

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Use the editor to edit the contents of the pop-up window according to new data your preferences. Configure its behavior: Mode: Select when the pop-up window appears: Wait a while. When the Arrival page rolls. Before closing the page. Frequency: Determines when the same user will see the pop-up window again on their next visit. You can add days, weeks, months, or view it when you visit the page. Plan: You can schedule the launch or hidden date of the pop-up window here, or keep it active at all times.

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 Visibility: Decide which pages of the site display pop-ups and which pages do not. You can also display hidden or in all cases by device type( desktop, tablet or mobile device). Add a pop-up script to your website: you can copy Gulf Email List and paste it directly into the code of your website, and you can activate it automatically with the official plugin you can use. How to use Create Embedded Forms To create a form to insert to your website,

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