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go to the main form section and follow these steps: Click the second tab named “ Embedded Forms”. Click“ to create an embedded form”. Select the recipient group. Use the editor to edit the form content according to your preferences. After editing the form, you will reach the dashboard type screen with the following options: Overview: Here you can configure the double-selection join option, edit the design, edit the subscriber group, copy the form and copy the script to bring it to your website.

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 Analysis: Here you will see the performance results of the form. Automation: In this section, you new database can select existing automation to trigger when someone subscribes to a form or creates a new form. Double opt-in email: Configure a custom confirmation email for this form here. Double opt-in thank-you: Create a unique thank-you email for this form or add it to the thank-you page. Now you just need to add the form script to your website.

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 How to Integrate With Since your site is likely to be made with, I will show you the following ways to integrate into your Gulf Email List site. First of all, tell you that if you want to use the key, you will find it in your account in “ my profile ”>“. Manual: The tool allows you to use scripts to embed embedded forms ( worthy of fuss ) and pop-up windows.

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