I was looking at that drop-down menu

You simply copy and paste it into the source code of the website page you want it to display. Official plug-ins: If you want the process to be simpler, install the official plug-in on your website and you can easily integrate any form or pop-up window in just a few simple steps. The paid version of – includes much-needed form widgets that are already integrated.

It is true that the learning curve is steeper

You just copy the key and paste it into yours, go to > Settings > Integration. You must paste it into the options. Other latest database subscribers get plug-ins: In addition to the “ form” widgets, there are other plugins that can appeal to subscribers, for example, you can use their key and integration.

And it still lacks integrations

: If you have a tool that you want to integrate with, but the process is not as intuitive as the previous “, you can always use to integrate, It is a Gulf Email List name of the tool integration tool. Pricing Plan Below I show you the prices offered at the time of publishing this article. As you can see, you have a very interesting starting option that gives you up to

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