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But they can also help keep you from experiencing a crisis in the first place. The appropriate approval workflow for your organization will vary depending on your industry and the level of social media compliance requirements you face. If you’re marketing outdoor adventure gear. For example. You might designate your social media manager to approve posts. But if you operate in a regulate industry. You may nee your compliance team to sign off on social content. Especially for new campaigns or platforms. Hootsuite’s built in approval workflows and team assignments ensure the right person is always working on the right task. Junior employees or even contractors and agencies can create your content. They then put it into the approval queue so it’s ready for signoff by more senior staff.

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Social media goals while the previous documents have primarily focuse on keeping your brand safe. This component of your social media governance strategy asks the most important question. Why are you using social media in the first place. In many ways. This will guide all the rest of the components of your governance plan. 

Start by setting smart social business email list media goals and clearly defining what metrics you will use to measure your success. Then. Create a plan for measurement. Analysis and reporting out to relevant stakeholders. As you see what works and what doesn’t you can refine your goals and adjust your overall social media strategy. You will also uncover insights that can fee back to other components of your social media governance strategy.

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Including your brand guidelines. Check out this video for a quick primer on how ongoing goal-setting drives your overall social strategy. Which should be reflecte in your social governance plan. Social media governance with hootsuite picking the right tools to execute your social media strategy is an important element of your social media governance plan. 

We might be biased. But we believe Gulf Email List that hootsuite is the best social media management tool for teams whose workflows prioritize efficiency and brand security. With hootsuite. You can. Set custom access levels and permissions for team members to. Make sure your files and information are secure create content.

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