Learn from each other. to feel misunderstood, overlook, and not taken seriously. how I approach others. I try to do so with an open heart and an open mind. My door is always open if you ne someone to talk to. Reproduc with permission, originally post here: ways submit-bk UNIT STATES iam in iam in mental health daily tracker and journal UNIT KINGDOM I should have known I was in trouble when they start calling me The Sparkle King. About six weeks after the release of Unpack Sparkle, I enter a New Year’s Eve dance on a large throne.

The problem was that

People, dubb the Sparklettes, danc and phone number list swirl around me, heralding my grand entrance. I was bazzl from head to toe in a costume that had been made for me that featur a golden crown, a cape with my new moniker bazzl in silver sparkle across the back, a tutu and a wand. Leggings with Britney Spears song titles scrawl across them complet my look. After the processional, as Beyoncé gave me life in the background, I took center stage. I shook, I shimmi, I sashay and I gave the crowd everything I had in me. You’re gonna love me! And then just as fast as my ascension to the “top,” it was over. And the problem with that is I am bipolar.

Phone Number List

I was The Sparkle King

Once this grand and grandiose moment Gulf Email List of over the top whimsy and carefree spectacle was done with, I had certain expectations about what was suppos to happen. As Effie sings in Dreamgirls: “You’re gonna love me!” But my expectations went unmet. People kind of roll their eyes and didn’t really seem to care. I div head first into the deepest depression I had experienc in my then year and a half of sobriety.