Puppies and sparkle. I felt like I couldn’t tell anyone how I really felt. So I sat in that scary space and stay depress, and in fear of how to get out of it, for a solid months. Suicidal, I pretty famously almost jump off the th storey of a Las Vegas casino. This l to the hospitalization where I discover I was bipolar and realiz I had to stay sober to be healthy – so this fall was really serious. I remember a friend And then I remember a friend whose brutal honesty had always been exactly what I ne.

I definitely get by with

So after almost a year of wanting my friend database Caleb to become my sponsor, I text him. He call me back within seconds and made time to see me the very next day. As we talk, I found myself being more honest with him than I had been with anyone since my partner di. I found myself growing, I found myself healing, I found myself living again. As I mov through fear and shar the most vulnerable parts of myself with Caleb, a new truth and way of life emerg, which has help me deal the most with my bipolar diagnosis that I receiv about and a half years ago.


Alittle help from my friends

If I stay close to the people who love me and share my true feelings with them when I start to go astray emotionally, I can avoid the Gulf Email List overwhelming pain that leads to unbearable depression and mood swings. This new approach has made the last months or so a lot more manageable. I’m not saying I don’t get depress either. Even when I stay up on my ms, I still swing up and down – mostly down – with almost daily regularity.