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Get Legal Protection With Trademarks Copyrights

Despite having to create your product personally, law can only help you (if certain Lazada counterfeiting issues arise) if you have registered your brand/trademark/copyright.

You can register your trademark in two steps. Go to This site lets you search through the database if the name you want is already taken. After completing your business name registration, you can then register your trademark at / . It also lets you search through the database to see if your trademark is available. You can fill out the online application on the website but there is also an option to apply in person.

Note the following requirements for trademark registration

Two completed copies of the Trademark Application Form
Attached image of your logo/trademark
Payment of fees (all fees are available on the site)
Registration of business names and trademarks is done online. just open the link below:

This site allows you to search for IP, register patents, trademarks and designs.

Business Name
Select your business entity structure under “Start a new business” and then click Start Now.

Until the time of writing this article, the process of registering trademarks in Indonesia has not been smooth.

The easiest way is to seek assistance from a company like Marcaria to process your trademark registration.

Complete and submit the form

Latest Mailing Database

Registration status is available after logging into your account.

Here are the rates:

Online trademark registration is still under development. Meanwhile, you can download the application form at

These are the requirements:

Two copies of the completed Latest Mailing Database application form (you can download the form here )
The trademark size cannot exceed 10 cm x 10 cm
Payment RM950.00 per class of goods
Payment of RM1100.00 per class if wrong class claimed ( Classification of goods and services )
RM50.00 fee for the second subsequent trademark registration
Apply for registration directly.

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