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Check out how the store’s sales grew exponentially after the Inbound Marketing project implement by Orgânica Digital! Inbound Marketing Project – Access Store Famiglia Valduga Check out Luisa Valduga’s statement Telephone number about our work! Luisa Valduga – Director of Digital Innovation – Famiglia Valduga “The synergy between Orgânica Digital and Famiglia Valduga provid the development of digital strategies, resulting in an increase in contacts generat , opportunities and also in sales of our e-commerce.”

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Know more! What is Content Marketing and how does it work? Content Marketing’s main function is to position your brand in the right place, time and for the right person . Even better, he is able to put his brand in people’s hearts, something we are very proud of doing! In other words, in addition to Content Marketing providing ucation and relevant information to the public, it solves people’s desires, in order to ensure that they become future customers of your company . Being a Latest database practical, economical and fast option. The blog is the most common way to get traffic to your website, as it is easy to manage, its development is simple and the maintenance cost is low.

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Tip: 7 Advantages of using Content Marketing in your company However, for this strategy to generate a positive result, it is important that you take four steps into consideration: Be strategic in creating your content. In other words, create guidelines with relevant information; have a schule for posts; optimize text for Google GUlF Email List using SEO practices; go beyond text: diversify the type of communication by creating infographics, podcasts, videos, among others.

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