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Price How much are the benefits that the product will deliver to the customer worth? It is from this question that a precise value must be defin to cover the cost that will keep the product on the shelves (physical or digital) with quality in the long term. To answer this question, factors such as social, psychological, production, delivery, chargebacks and returns, production problems and other calculations that affect the pricing of your product must be consider. Square Where are you going to market the product.

A CRM brings together in one place

Will digital platforms be us? Are you going to open an online store ? Sell ​​door to door? For delivery? Use several of these options at once? It’s extremely important to ask: “Where is the persona for my product?” and go to where she is. Promotion The term “Promotion” in this case does not refer new data to discounts: it is about promoting the product ; it’s about creating a bridge of communication and interaction between the brand and the persona to be reach. You may even know where your potential.

Manages customer relationships

Customer is, but if you don’t know how to speak their language — and speak it when they buy — you will certainly have difficulties, even if your product is the best on the market. Propagation After the content has been produc, publish and promot, what are the ways to expand this promotion ? Many people think that Inbound and Outbound Marketing are antagonistic when it comes to propagation, but getting featur on the first page of Google without paying for ads is very GUlF Email List difficult — that’s where Outbound comes in, which, when us well, can help in the process of spreading content to even more people.

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