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Customization In this item, the emphasis is on the ne for the company’s content to reflect the persona’s identity with surgical precision. By understanding the persona and replicating their tastes , a visitor becomes curious; a curious person becomes a lead; a lead becomes a fan, and a fan becomes a consumer — who then propagates the brand on their own, promoting it on their own profiles or in the offline world, in the well-known “word of mouth” marketing. Precision Focusing on Accuracy is the way to correct where you are going wrong and continue where you are getting it right , through accurate data, offer by tools such as Analytics and Semrush.

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Measurement must be continuous. Generally, in this part of precision, the company’s “Creative Area” is activat, which, among other activities, is responsible for: Search for content with the possibility of receiving a lot of hits; Perform data-bas analyses; Present the results of the strategy to the contracting company. Digital Marketing Strategies What is Inbound Marketing and how does it work? Inbound marketing is our specialty! It aims to attract the customer through new database relevant content . In this way, companies seek to understand the nes of consumers and then establish a communication channel with these people, with the aim of offering a solution to their problems.

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Learn more about Inbound Marketing in this video: What is Inbound Marketing and how to do it in your company? With more than 15 years in the market, we have several success stories . One of the ones we are most proud of is Famiglia Valduga ! The company came to us with a big problem: the online results were not up to the company’s success. To give you an idea, the abandon cart rate in e-commerce was over 70%, while a healthy average is less than 40%. What did we do to resolve the demand? That’s right, we apply all GUlF Email List our expertise in Inbound Marketing ! The heart of the project was the creation of blog content to attract the public to the store later.

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