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Adding Products and Managing Your Store

The template is aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching due to its main focus on creative areas. However there are also simpler generic templates such as options and even themes. Although templates are relatively flexible, they may not provide the traditional corporate identity that some business leaders are looking for. Payment methods The good news for sellers who want to start trading online as soon as possible is the option to connect multiple payment gateways. Although there is no built-in solution installed, you can easily manage transactions through well-known providers such as and. No matter which gateway you choose, you will not be charged any additional transaction fees.

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The same can’t be said if you use an alternative provider like this one. Note however that most payment solutions charge their own payment fees. Another whatsapp mobile number list point worth noting is that it might not be ideal if you want to offer customers multiple different currencies at the same time. While the service allows business leaders to choose from approximately 3 different currencies, you can only activate one option at a time. This is in stark contrast to other top-tier solutions from providers like and which can automatically convert your prices to the correct currency based on the customer’s location.

Vendors offer this feature as standard for online sellers

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Tax calculation and management. One thing I really like. Is that the included tools. Are already included. To help you manage your tax settings. This is Gulf Email List rarely included. In most online store builders so it’s good to have extra features. Even with the free plan you can use Sales Tax Autopilot to automatically apply the correct tax rate for your store in each state. But the solution automatically only works in the US. If you’re outside the US you’ll need to set rates manually. It’s also worth noting that while tax calculations are supported, it is currently not possible to apply VAT rates to your store if you sell in the EU.

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