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How to create a business profile on Google (formerly Google My Business) in 2023

In this How to guide on what was known as Google My business . Therefore,you will see what Google My Business is, why it is important for your business and how to create a company profile on Google that is correctly optimized so that you can get the most out of this fantastic marketing tool. Google My Business. If you don’t know how to create a listing for your company on Google, in this guest post by Diego. Therefore, Aguiló you will see how to create a company profile on Google and do local SEO so that your project appears in the top positions on Google. 

How to Google My Business now Business Profile

Google My Business is a free Google tool that allows companies industry email list and businesses to increase their visibility in. Therefore, the search engine. Any business can register on Google My Business to be able to offer relevant information to search engine users such as the business telephone number, its physical address, its website, its hours, its products or services and much more. You should know that in many cases it is thought that only those businesses that have a physical location can have a Google My Business account. Nothing further, any business can. Therefore, sign up for the tool and appear in local results. What we must take into account is that those. Therefore, companies that have a physical location will appear on Google Maps with the map symbol.

Advantages of using Google My Business for your business

Visibility You will improve the visibility of your business Gulf Email List on Google, and according to , the market. Therefore, share of search engines in Spain in 2021 was monopolized by Google with more than 95% of it. That means that for every 100 people who search for something in a search engine, 95 do so through Google. That in itself is very relevant information. But it is also estimated that the. Therefore, searches carried out per second on Google are 63,000. I think that these data are enough reasons for you to value this fantastic tool. 

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