How to Prioritize the Ideas of the Growth Team

Sunday afternoon, sofa, blanket and post. The last in the series. A post against the clock (like the previous ones, what a novelty) but perhaps the most valuable of all: it is the sixth. How to Prioritize in six weeks or, in other words, Vicent pays for dinner. He will have to acknowledge it publicly in the comments… hehehe What less, then, than to bring up that topic that united us in debate a few weeks after his return to Spain from his expedition through San Francisco. Full of energy , eager to do tests and a lot of good Growth, healed of magical theories and legends of automations without strategy , he found Victor with his batteries charged and a very similar approach: ideas and action.

On the line and with fresh minds

Thousands of ideas sprang from our top industry data heads, each one for his own project and, without knowing it, the same problem: we have to prioritize well how we choose what to do . How, with an infinite list of tasks, do we choose which ones. We are going to carry out next week (or month)? It was time to put into practice a method. To organize those ideas and choose wisely . Impact : impact that we predict that idea, action or test will have.

We cannot foresee the same impact by changing the color of. A button as by closing an agreement with the biggest influencer in the sector. Going on TV does not have the same impact as sending an email to our list. Confidence : refers to the degree of security we have that this idea or action will have the impact we believe. Sean says something like “how sure are we that it’s going to work?” Although. We will see later, “functioning” is too diffuse a concept to do Growth.

How to Prioritize Cost not only refers to

Monetary costs, but also to the sum Gulf Email List of time, money, personnel, effort… Come on, it refers to how many resources we will have to remove from other tasks to carry out the idea. Be careful, at this point you must give a higher score. The fewer resources you need or you will distort the ICE Score. The method is simple. All you have to do is put a list of ideas in a table and, next to it, assign a score to each of the columns .

Finally, you must calculate the average to obtain the ICE Score. Once you have the ICE Score of all your ideas, you can sort by this score and you will have a prioritized list of which ideas you can start testing. For example, we can divide the Impact into a series of scores based on the point in the funnel.

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