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It is indisputable that the Internet has revolutioniz the world and all computer technologies have modifi our way of living and working. This evolution will continue constantly, which is why a growing demand for specializ engineers is expect in the coming decades. 2. Engineering programs relat to intelligent systems and automation An important component for the industry is process optimization through automation. Careers in mechatronic engineering and robotic engineering will be in high demand because their graduates will be requir by manufacturing and production companies.

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The continuous growth in the production and marketing of industrial and service robots indicates a mark trend towards automation in the manufacturing and service industries. Consequently, a growing demand for engineers train in the design, construction, operation and business lead maintenance of these advanc intelligent machines is expect in the coming decades. svg E 3. Health care programs Health care is a priority for the development of society. Therefore, graduates of human micine, nursing and psychology will be requir by companies that provide health services. These graduates must have the ability to adapt to the new technologies for mical use that they will develop in the following years.

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Cybernization, the use of prostheses and robotic parts in living organisms, is an example of the technologies that will impact health care. 4. Programs to care for the planet Sustainability becomes imperative to ensure the development of future generations. Professions such as environmental Gulf Email List engineering, biology, forestry and agronomy will be requir to guarantee the sustainability of the planet. Rucing the environmental impact, guaranteeing food and balance with nature is a priority for the following decades. Out of simple curiosity, I consult ChatGPT about the most promising career paths for the future.

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