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Online journalistic mium Author’s last name, First name initial(s). (Year of publication, Month day). Article title.¬† Newspaper name in italics. URL Example: Aranciaga, CA (2021, July 15). New trends in technology in European football. The Digital Diary. svg E Podcast Podcast producer(s). (Year). Episode title (Episode No.). The name of Their Expectations and the podcast in italics. Transmission platform. URL Example: Ruiz, J. (Producer). (2022). Social mia marketing (Episode 18). Marketing Insights Podcast .

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Spotify. As you can see, it is possible to correctly cite sources from various categories. This will business email list not only give the reader a better form of references in APA format , but you will be able to grant the necessary crits to people who also work on their research or on the generation of information. This set of rules is much more important than it seems, and correctly citing and using the rules will allow us to have higher quality works that provide good value to readers.

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When we want to prict the future, what we do is analyze technological trends, read the comments of experts, understand the future problems of society, and bas on this, we formulate prictions that have the greatest probability of materializing. Considering these factors, the careers of the future for the year 2030 could be: 1. Engineering programs relat to computer Gulf Email List technology Society 5.0 is bas on three components relat to computer technology: the internet of things, artificial intelligence and big data . Therefore, graduates of computer systems engineering, software engineering, and specializations in data analysis, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence will be highly sought after by technology service and entertainment companies.

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