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Which might then fall under a campaign about a summer footwear sale. Types of tiktok ads ah. The age-old question. What’s your type. Read on for a list of the different kinds of advertising available on tiktok not every type of tiktok ad is accessible in every country. So make sure to confirm your local availability. In-fee ads in-fee ads on tiktok are ads that you can create yourself using the tiktok ads manager interface. Tiktok video ads this is one of the most common forms of tiktok advertising. Video ads are made by brands or creators and poste through a tiktok ads manager account. Video ads look like regular tiktoks.

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But any interaction with a video ad leads to a landing page or an app install in other words. Tiktok video ads link directly to whatever is being advertise. Super mario bros movie sponsore tiktok ad super mario bros movie vancouver showtimes source. Tiktok for example. This video ad for the super mario bros. 

Movie appears just like your average business database tiktok. But when you tap the account name or the custom call to action button. You’re taken to a landing page for the movie showtimes. Video ads will appear automatically in a user’s fee for as long as the advertiser has paid for them. They are not permanent posts. And cannot be duette or stitche. Spark ads spark ads are different from regular video ads in that they boost organic content from any user’s tiktok account.

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They appear in your profile just like your other tiktoks. And won’t disappear once you stop paying to promote them. Non-spark ads vs spark ads diagram source. Tiktok business help centre spark ads can be duette or stitche. Which allows your audience to more meaningfully interact with them for better or for worse. And because they won’t disappear after you’ve stoppe paying for them. Spark ads can contribute positively to your brand’s overall metrics. According to tiktok. 

Spark ads have a Gulf Email List higher engagement rate than standard in-fee ads. Spark ads can use content from your own business profile or from other content creators’ profiles with permission here’s how to get it. Tiktok image ads image ads are still images that include a brand or app name and ad text. 

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