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Writing Explained to Become a Better Writer

I’ve written more than 150 blog posts for the Ahrefs Blog and reviewed hundreds of video scripts for our YouTube channel. In this guide, I’ll teach you everything I know about content so you can write better content. What is content writing? Content is the process of researching, planning, writing, and editing web content for marketing purposes. It can be a blog post, video script, social media post. Writing Explained or anything else that gets published online. For example, all of our YouTube videos are scripted.

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Of one of the scripts: Each has a different purpose, but the fundamentals of them well are similar. That’s what we’ll focus on in the rest of the guide. Content executive email list  basics It might sound silly, but there’s more to  content than putting words on a page. Laying a solid foundation is half the battle. Let’s go over the process from start to finish. 1. Define your content strategy Don’t even think about putting pen to paper without a strategy. You’ll just end up  pointless drivel with no real purpose. Here’s our content strategy in a nutshell: Every niche has hundreds if not thousands of topics.

Writing Explained write about

Them all, so you need to find and prioritize the best ones for you. Keyword research is a good starting point here. Even if you’re not creating content for organic search, the Gulf Email List keywords people are searching for in Google tend to be a good representation of what people want to know.This is about subtopics. What broad themes will your content cover? Don’t choose these randomly. Research what people want to know about the topic by looking at similar top-performing content on your chosen channel. For example, if we were writing about “affiliate marketing” and wanted to rank in Google, we’d look at the top-ranking posts. It only takes a moment to see that all top-ranking pages have a definition of the term…

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