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7 keys to develop your talent and your employability

In this first chapter of the 7 keys to developing your talent and employability ( don’t miss the second chapter ). I highlight that the professionals. Who achieve the most and are most satisfied with their career are those who specialize and focus on developing their skills. My advice is clear: don’t learn professions, learn to be professional. Professions change but skills remain . Your objective as an employee, as a freelance professional or as a freelancer.

Is not only to maintain your job or your current clients but also to develop your talent to increase your employability, the possibility of obtaining new opportunities and more satisfaction, stability or income. Screenshot historic former President of the European Commission, said in 1996 that 80% of the professions that would exist in 10 years would be new.

In 2015 perhaps

We cannot guarantee those that will exist in a couple of years, right? You can no longer live without learning all your life. If you are going to do a master’s or postgraduate degree, choose those training programs that make you a versatile professional because they focus on the development of skills. Whatever your strategy for choosing studies , whether undergraduate. Master’s or postgraduate, my recommendation executive email list is that you take these keys into account to develop your talent and your employability. Degrees accredit. Experiences and courses focus. Postgraduate and master’s degrees specialize. The jobs confirm. Seven keys to developing your talent and employability.


Professional skills Don't just seek

To obtain degrees, think above all about developing skills. “Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit and wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.” It is not only about acquiring knowledge, it is about applying skills. The Wright brothers, pioneers of aviation at the beginning of the 20th century. Were not the first to fly, they were the first to land. We could say that useless wisdom only differs from foolishness Gulf Email List in that it requires much more work. Mafalda’s degree Mafalda’s degree Decide your goals first, then develop your skills. When you already have one or more professional goals in mind. Then you should try to think about skills. What I should do in that professional field and what.

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