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Specialize and be difficult to replace

Mere attendance at courses administered as a broad-spectrum generic drug carries no advantages other than those provided by chance. How to avoid and choose the training that enhances your professional career 1. Specialize and be difficult to replace. If you specify what you are looking for. It will be much easier for you to search and know if you are moving towards your goal. In chapter 1 of the keys to developing your talent I stated that versatility is the ability to specialize early. Being versatile is not the opposite of being specialized;

Versatility is a facilitator of professional

Adaptation and specialization. Choose a very specific professional positioning but do not forget to also develop your transversal skills that. Will allow you to generate new specializations and adapt to different occupations. Sectors and professional services more quickly. Think about networking. Before choosing a course. Ask yourself who you want to meet. Its most important values are not the master executive data classes or the contents of a training action. It is its network of contacts and the real experience that teachers and classmates provide. Therefore, the profile of these teachers and potential participants should be an important factor in the decision to invest in training.

Focus on skills

As we highlighted in chapter 1 of the keys to developing your talent , don’t just think about titles, think about skills. Seek to learn and practice skills that allow you to provide services as quickly as possible. Choose qualification programs that include collaboration or internships in companies. Internships, in scholarship format or as an extension of courses, are the only legal way to access the labor market that does not require a job contract or a service provision contract but that entails all the advantages of performing a job, including networking.

Choose training programs with professional opportunities. Ask yourself, where are the professionals who participated in the previous edition of the course you are thinking of taking working? How did participation in that training activity influence your trajectories? Before embarking on training Gulf Email List that involves a significant investment and a large opportunity cost, analyze previous promotions of that activity. Companies organizing training programs must make more efforts to measure and communicate the achievements of carrying out their activities. 

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