Look for experiences and focus on skills

Avoid known mistakes when choosing studies You can review the 10 ways to choose the wrong studies, one or more times And also Martika’s bad professional choices : “I have always made mistakes, a thousand times I have made a fool of myself… now I am 30 years old and have no future perspective.” At 18 years old, no career appealed on skills to me much, but of course, I had to do something. Honestly, back then she was a girl without dreams or desire for anything. If it hadn’t been for my parents and my great insecurity.

I would have started working on anything

But my mother pushed me to study something, a vocational training in administration. But who likes to spend 8 hours stuck in a job? office between 4 walls filling out applications, stamping papers and entering data into a computer, which automaton? The profession itself is boring and empty. I hated her so company data much that I was terrible at her, she was clumsy and slow (…). Continue reading Martika’s alleged errors . How to decide ? Martika’s case reveals the most frequent errors in our professional decision-making related to the choice of degrees, master’s degrees and studies in general. 1. Weak self-knowledge of our current and potential interests and competencies.

Low initiative to experiment on skills

And learn about new activities and occupations, and forms of specialization in the field of a specific activity or occupation. 3. Insufficient dedication to deepening and professionalizing ourselves in what we already like to do 4. Waiting for a vocation instead of building it: in life we ​​can be interested Gulf Email List in almost everything if we give it a chance. Give your heart to the craft you have learned and thus you will find peace. Marcus Aurelius, Meditations If this article has motivated you to improve your professional life, take advantage of the Guide to professional reinvention and also get #SuperProfesional, the book to develop your talent and achieve your goals .

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