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Obsolete Social Media Marketing Practices

Obsolete Social, This world of social media evolves very quickly. Which is why many companies have not yet finished adapting to a change that already has the next one knocking at their door. There are many who hide behind the massification and speed that characterizes any online environment. Believing that they go unnoticed. To continue using some obsolete practices in their social media strategies or that these days cause more inconvenience than the supposed benefits they provide. . The problem for these companies is that the Internet. And the different technological advances in this online medium. Go at such speed that they have no regard.

Follow in search of Refollow, and then Unfollow

It may be very difficult to know for sure which tactics or practices have already expired.  Obsolete Social or which will achieve email leads better results with just a few adjustments. But that does not justify that many companies (or, what is even worse.  Online marketing professionals) continue consciously and insistently betting on the dark side of all this and do not understand that the new global marketing trend is: providing added value to your social community … Another point that also worries me is that there are still many more who are unknowingly trapped in some of those obsolete social media marketing practices (which we will talk about below). In this post you will find Outdated social media marketing tactics that you should modernize or stop using.

Abuse automatic publications between social networks

Be very careful, because on Google+, Twitter. Pinterest. etc. Perhaps this will work for you in the very short term. But sooner or later the Gulf Email List duster will be seen and the image and reputation of your brand will be seriously damaged. Plus. Quality is always much better than quantity! Obsolete practices “Follow. Unfollow and the one that Refollows you” 2. Ask for Likes. Retweets . Favorites. etc. There are still many who use these outdated techniques in their social media strategies. Believing that they are a “call to action”. But people are smarter than you give yourself credit for. Your followers. Just because you ask them for something. Will not go like sheep to the slaughterhouse. So it is better to use all that energy to create quality content and use the space.

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