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Does Lazada Seller Choice Affect Your Algorithm Search Ranking

The most basic answer to that question is YES. Here’s a breakdown of how Lazada Seller Picks makes it happen.

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What are Lazada Seller Options?

Lazada Seller Picks is a free promotion tool dedicated to empowering sellers by increasing. SKUs in the areas of product SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and advertising. To elaborate more on the latter, the SKU is displayed at the bottom of the SERP page on the web as well as at the top of the SERP page on the mobile app.

The basic intent is that you will select the product that you want to upgrade in Lazada Seller Picks. And then the chosen SKU will experience an increase in ad and search visibility which will definitely increase sales.

Even though it is a free tool, it is not openly available to everyone, only to qualified sellers. And the criteria are as follows:

  • Minimum seller rating of 70%
  • Minimum of three direct SKUs
  • 85% chat response rate
  • Lazada store should be decorated using Store Builder

In What Ways Does It Improve Seller Performance?

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Lazada Seller Picks gives your products prior visibility in the SERPs which gives you a guaranteed 95% increase in page views. That way, your product will experience an increase in search performance.

For example, if you have a product that originally appeared on the fifth page, as soon as you add this product to Lazada Seller Picks, it will then appear on the third or second page of the SERP.

Lazada Seller Picks is also helpful phone number list when a customer has added one of your items to their cart but forgot to check out. By boosting your product, customers will see your product again when browsing the Lazada catalog and can remind customers of their original intention to make a purchase.

If you have an active marketing campaign using Seller Picks can also increase your conversions.

In fact, it is highly recommended that the following products be upgraded through Seller Picks.

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