More Impetus On Digital Transformation

According to a Boston Consulting Group (BCG) report only 22 percent of telcos have successfully executed a digital transformation initiative as a part of strategy. Industry experts believe that 2023 will mark an acceleration in the digital transformation of telcos with most of them More Impetus becoming “tech-cos.” They are going to reinvent themselves by providing innovative and distinct services to their customers. Telecom leaders see digital transformation as the focal point of this reinvention.

Automation and digitization More Impetus

Digital transformation integrates automation to sales processes reducing workload. Saving time, and lower expenditure on sending messages. Designing sales workflows, setting up company data alerts and notifications to track. The sales figures and much more. Telcos have streamlined the entire sales life cycle. Generating more leads, managing customer data in a better way, sending quotations at the right time, prompt customer interactions, and monitoring the sales pipeline. The outcome has been better sales conversions in terms of time and volumes.

Transformation technologies like HubSpot

Marketo and moLotus have transformed and simplified sales processes infusing quicker conversions. By embracing moLotus, they are empowered by hassle-free processes with high Gulf Email List conversion rates at huge scale and near zero cost per customer interaction.

Will empower operators to offer superior products, processes and services via delivery channels preferred by customers. Further, it will enable them to boost efficiency by streamlining their processes, further increasing revenues with reduced costs.

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