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What is the Importance of Calcium in Our Body?

Calcium is an integral element of our bones. If there is less production of calcium in our bones will become fragile, the nails will become brittle and even our teeth will lose its strength. The role and importance of calcium in our body is quite vital. And you will be surprised to know that parathyroid glands control the entire levels in our body. To make the role of calcium more apparent, we are going to discuss the three areas where calcium is used on a daily basis.

Calcium plays a significant Our Body

Role in providing electrical energy to our nervous system. Surprised to hear this? Well, it is true. Calcium helps to provide the means for electrical impulses so that it can travel along the nerves. Our nervous system relies on to conduct electricity. This is the major reason that the most common executive data symptoms of parathyroid disease and high levels of calcium are related to our nervous system. For example: weakness, tiredness and even depression. Yes, you read it right, even depression.

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Energy that is significant for our muscular system. Just like the nerves, the muscles in our body depend on the calcium level to contract or expand. So when you are feeling Gulf Email List weak or experience muscle cramps it means that the level in your body has dropped significantly.

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