What is a chatbot by Victor Campuzano | 8 Feb 2019

What is a chatbot by Victor Campuzano | 8 Feb 2019 | Growth Marketing Online | 1 Comment Hello World! (This is splitting hairs…) How is everything going? As you take? I here, following, with you, I don’t want you to forget me… The fact is that so many guides and studies on online marketing trends for 2019 (and I look like this!) and all of them talking about artificial intelligence and chatbots . But what is a chatbot exactly? Without a doubt, the definition of the concept of chatbot is not simple. We are still taking the first steps with this type of bots. Furthermore, its application is so broad that finding a specific definition is complicated. That’s why in this post I want to tell you what chatbots consist of. I want to try to give you a generic definition of a chatbot and also see the different

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chatbots that exist. Sounds good? Well let’s get to it. table of Contents . What is a chatbot Types of chatbots Open and closed chatbots Directed and conversational chatbots Conclusions What is a chatbot Generally speaking, a bot is a industry email list program capable of executing a task automatically. Therefore, a chatbot is software programmed to be able to maintain conversations with a person automatically and autonomously through a messaging application (Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Skype, Slack, Telegram…). Depending on the type of chatbot, it will use artificial intelligence or not to be able to maintain conversations. Chatbots that use artificial intelligence to learn by

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types of themselves will be able to maintain more complex and natural conversations (as far as possible). Nowadays, incredibly functional and powerful Gulf Email List chatbot development platforms and APIs have already hit the market, such as Dialogflow , Google’s chatbot and artificial intelligence tool that I already told you about some time ago. However, it is worth noting that chatbots do not yet have the ability to talk to a person like another human being would . T

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