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They write to you on WhatsApp outside of working hours

Be careful with this type of potential client. I should probably make an updated entry for 2021. These are the clients I lost in 2020 and the lessons I learned from it . Among them working hours there was an Amazon client for whom I was not even able to set up an Amazon account because before that point I decided to end the relationship despite billing 3,000 euros each month with him. 

This type of potential client

They write to you on WhatsApp outside of working hours Difficult customers typically show little empathy for their suppliers’ needs. They do not respect typical work schedules executive email list and write to you when it suits them best. Yesterday I had this experience with a potential client that with this event I have to group him under a potentially complicated client. they tell you that they have finally changed their plans and/or have found another provider that is cheaper and/or better suited to them.

There are clients working hours

Who don’t want to be clients. Sometimes they simply want to get the most out of your knowledge at no cost. To achieve this, they infinitely lengthen the decision making process Gulf Email List whether they are going to hire you or not. Instead, they throw you question after question to resolve doubts they are having. When they think they have squeezed you enough.

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