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Personal brand and online reputation guide for professionals and managers

That generic and obvious phrase that everything leaves a mark in professional life. In the company has led too many people to try to position themselves as personal brand experts because it is cheap to say it and look like it thanks to the visibility and ease offered by the networks. social networks and content marketing tools on the Internet. In this way, the paradox occurs that, thanks to the Internet, it is so accessible to create and project a personal, professional or company brand, that many have created the brand of helping others with their brands.

Your personal brand answers one question

The best way to appear is to be , I think we executive email list agree on that, but many times personal brand and online reputation do not coincide. You can be a great plumber or facility maintainer, but not have the relevance or reputation you deserve. And vice versa, you can “pretend” to have mastery in an applied field and be a terrible worker with confusing ideas and ineffective skills. In short, you will be a #superprofessional with the power of your personal brand if you manage to be in the minds of the clients and professionals that you want to buy your products or services.

what they buy from you professionalism

Summarizing the concepts related to Gulf Email List personal branding, I could say that professionalism is the quality of your product or service; marketing is about creating and presenting a brand; advertising is the dissemination of that brand; and networking, the use of relationships and social proof or recommendations from clients and contacts. Also the reach that Yoriento has obtained on social networks, something unthinkable at the beginning of my online presence, has influenced and influences the perception of what I do and what I can do and on my decisions.

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