Nearby reinvention inspires more than distant reinvention

There is a certain epic about personal and professional reinvention. That generally uses examples of famous people who radically changed their trajectories. Like Harrison Ford, who was a carpenter until he was 30; Amancio Ortega, founder of Inditex. A clothing store clerk also until he was 30; or JK Rowling, the creator of Harry Potter. A single mother unemployed until she was 31. Nearby reinvention The most recognized cases of improvement encourage us to try , they remind us that you can change your professional career. But the fact that they are exceptional also advises us to be cautious when it comes to planning for the future. I prefer to look at close and anonymous professionals who have changed or are trying to change their lives, even in a modest and gradual way.

Reinvent yourself as an advisor to professionals

Nacho García, an adventurous biologist, has created a executive data blog to help and guide. Young biologists during their career development and job search. Nacho offers information and content on. How to get involved in the field of biology from a professional point of view, both academically and from a private company, and has a section of interviews with biologists who are working on their own! Incredible but true. When I am asked how to become a consultant or advisor in a certain sector, topic or specialization, I usually answer.

Nearby reinvention Become an online professional

How to become a professional who also provides Gulf Email List services on the Internet? Entrepreneurship is turning what we know how to do into a business. It is not inventing milongas. It is also not about being “technological” but about taking advantage of the online environment as a context in which to contact and attract clients to provide them with services. Setting up a company is very difficult but we can all become self-employed, at least in theory, and the online world facilitates the possibility of going from employees to self-employed and even making both employment statuses compatible.

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