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What are the 6 superpowers that a Super Professional can develop ?

The book has a prologue-tweet by and illustrations by, the creator of the great Cálico Electrónico. Yes, I am nervous about the premiere and the responsibility of trying to provide value in a world of over information. I will be very grateful for the purchase, dissemination and support that you can give to Super Profesional on the networks and among your contacts and acquaintances for whom this publication could be a gift and an impulse to improve their professional life, whether as students, employees, entrepreneurs , managers or seekers of professional opportunities. Employee or entrepreneur? What are If you want them to follow you, get in front. Internet addict or people addict? Stop looking for opportunities and start meeting people.

Your goal is to become a super professional

You consider that the time has come for company data a change. Therefore, you are thinking about reinventing your professional life. You are a manager or a professional with projection who wants to take on new challenges. You are considering specializing, finding new vocations and professional paths. Therefore, Your objective is to grow and give a boost to your career in the company where you work. The lifestyle you want does not fit your daily professional performance and you are looking for personal and work balance. Therefore, You are looking for new professional opportunities. They are people who have worked to develop their superpowers and put them in control of their goals.

What are Success is the achievement

There are no better or worse professional Gulf Email List lives if you try to do your best. Therefore, if specialization is pursued to try to become a valuable professional; if you are open to investing in new experiences and dedicating time and effort to connecting and learning from good people. Therefore, Whatever sector or profession circumstances and the best or worst decisions have led you to. The vocation is not expected, the vocation is built: we can be passionate about almost anything if we give it a chance. There are no better goals or better lifestyles, only the goals and styles YOU choose. Therefore, The people who achieve the success they choose in their professional and personal lives are not especially intelligent, attractive or interesting.

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